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August 28 - Sept 2, 2023


Kenya, Nairobi, Safari Park Hotel

Pre-Conference Courses

3-day Pre-conference Course on Introduction to Genetic Biocontrol Technologies

This Course is meant for those who desire to understand emerging biotechnologies and potential for vector control in Africa.

3-day Pre-conference Course on Biosafety and Biosecurity best practices

This course is designed to provide learners with a basic knowledge in laboratory biosafety and biosecurity principles, work practices, and enables them to gain a better overall understanding of biorisk management.

3-day Pre-conference Course on communicating the uncertainties associated with emerging biotechnologies

This workshop is aimed to encourage scientists to reflect critically on the social, historical, cultural, and ethical dimensions of science

Topics for Consideration

Our conference covers a wide range of topics and areas of interest in the field of Genetic Biocontrol Technologies.

Genetics and genetic engineering tools

Non genetic/Wolbachia studies

Public health

Stakeholder and public engagement

Agriculture, conservation, livestock, and wildlife health

Quality control and certification of facilities

Approaches and disease-carrying insects

Mathematical modeling.

Biosafety, Biosecurity and Biocontainment.

Risk Assessment and decision-making

One health

Science communication

Training and capacity building.

Leadership, governance, and related management issues

Policy and Regulatory science of field trials and releases.

Innovation, stewardship, entrepreneurship, and related topics.

Classical biocontrol

Product registration and labelling of GM products.